Friday, June 25, 2010

Where Did Our Championship Go?

Is it me? Or is this the shortest celebration of a major championship in sports history? I mean, the Lakers. It lasted four days. Then the speculation about Phil Jackson coming back....a three peat....Great ogly moogly...that's a year away! But it seems like all the talk and emotion is already focused on the next one. I bought a copy of Sports Illustrated just to relive it a little. Cover story; "Why Kobe Bryant Needs Phil Jackson To Win Another Championship". Well, thank you Mr. Buzz Kill.

Sigh. I'm still going to try to enjoy this for a while. But as for the about this? Talk Phil into coaching one more season at whatever it costs. And hire Byron Scott as assistant coach and Head Coach In Waiting.

But regardless... there has to be a part of Kobe that dreams of doing the one thing Michael Jordan never did; winning an NBA Championship without Phil Jackson.

Besides. If Kobe and Bynum are healthy...Ron Artest doesn't get any more insane...and Phil comes back....where's the drama we're addicted to as Lakers fans?

Just trying to help.

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